Revelator will Report and Pay the Sales of your entire catalog according to our Revelator Distribution Reporting Schedule and Payout Schedule & Supported Payment Methods by Country 

Once you have received the funds, our system allows you to process these Reports through our Royalty Engine, which applies the Terms defined in your Contracts, generating Royalty Statements for each Payee. You can then take advantage of our Payouts Integrations (PayPal and Tipalti) to distribute the Royalties to your Payees. 


Sales Report Processing

FX Rate and Taxes

- The amount you indicate as "Taxes" will be deducted from the Total Net of the Report, by pro-rating the amount evenly across all lines of the Sales Report
- Neither the "Taxes" amount nor the "FX Rate" will be visible on the Payee's Royalty Statement
- See this article for a guide on how to reconcile the FX Rate of your Merlin Reports using the data available in your Merlin Wizard


- Similarly to adding "Taxes", and "Adjustment" will be applied evenly across all lines of the Sales Report
- You must add an "Adjustment" to ALL report from Merlin, as Merlin always reports on the Gross, therefore the "Adjustment" will account for Merlin's Admin Fee

Unmatched Lines

The system will NOT allow you to Approve a Sales Report if there are any Unmatched Lines in it!

You can detach the Unmatched Lines from a Sales Report for later reprocessing. This will create a separate Sales Report, allowing you to move forward with the Approval process and deal with the Unmatched Lines later on.

If you are detaching Unmatched Lines, make sure you apply any applicable FX Rate, Taxes and Adjustment before detaching, as the detached lines will inherit these.


Pre-Run Preparation

Contracts Terms and Status

In Enterprise and API Plans, you can set a custom default Payout Rate.
For Launch, Growth and Scale Plans, the default Payout Rate is 100%

- You can get notified when a Client Account is created. Please reach out to your
Onboarding Specialist
- You can use the Filter in your Contracts Page to see al your Active an Inactive Contracts

- Contracts created through the Track Splits feature will inherit the Account-Level Contract Payout Rate. Commission Payees on the Account Level Contract must be also added to the Contract created via Track Splits by the Parent Account
- Any edits to a Track-Level Contract must be pro-rated in the related Release-Level Contract (see here for a proration example)

Errors from Previous Royalty Runs

Any error and/or Unallocated Revenue from a previous Royalty Run will persist on future Runs unless you correct them and reset those Royalty Runs. You can identify Runs with Unallocated Revenue by looking for Runs with a Yellow X icon:

Please read this article to learn how to identify and correct Unallocated Revenue in Royalty Runs: Fixing Unallocated Revenue

Transactions in-between Runs 

In order to have your Payee's balance up to date, make sure you add any Transaction that was incurred in between reporting periods. The Transaction will either deduce or add up to the Payee's Balance depending on it's type: - Adjustment -> Can be either positive (add) or negative (deduce) - Advance -> Will deduce the amount from the Payee's Balance - Expense -> Will deduce the amount from the Payee's Balance - Fraud -> Will deduce the amount from the Payee's Balance - Payment -> Will deduce the amount from the Payee's Balance - Refund -> Will add the amount to the Payee's Balance - Subscription Offset -> Will deduce the amount from the Payee's Balance - Tax -> Will deduce the amount from the Payee's Balance

You can import Transactions in batch by filling out our Batch Transactions Import Template and import the csv in the UI

Withholding Rules for Payees

If you want to account for differential Tax Withholding across Payees, we can create Tax Withholding Rules for your Payees based on the following parameters:

  • Country of transaction
  • Payee tax country
  • Delivery type - there is a current limitation where we do not have a withholding option for download transaction types, though we plan to add withholding for downloads as well down the line.

If you would like us to set withholding rates for Payees to be applied in your Royalty Runs based on these parameters, you would need to specify the designated parameter information for each Payee together with the corresponding rate.

With Tax Withholding Rules as part of the Royalty Run, we currently support the tax showing up in the statement detail file (CSV), but not the summary HTML page as of yet

Royalty Run

Statement Approval

You must Approve the Royalty Statements for the data (Balance, Statement, Revenue Analytics) to be visible in your Payee's Accounts!

Payout Balances


You must set up your Payouts Integrations (PayPal, Tipalti) in order to make payments through the platform. Please see: - Connect your Paypal Payouts API Credentials - Tipalti Payor Connection (NEW Tipalti Accounts) - Tipalti Payor Connection (Existing Tipalti Accounts)

You can trigger an email to invite all Payees who have not been invited yet, as well as a reminder for them to add a Payment method. Payees will be able to select a Payment method ONLY AFTER you have completed the corresponding integration in your Parent Account

Triggering Payments

- Only Payees that have added a Payment Method will be visible in the "Ready to Pay" Section - There are 3 pre-defined filters in this view: - - Payees whose Balance is bigger than their Minimum Payment Threshold - - Payees whose Account is not Locked Out - - Payees whose Payouts are not Blocked

If you have Payees that are not paid through PayPal or Tipalti, you can import those Payments in batch by filling out our Batch Transactions Import Template and import the csv in the UI