If your YouTube channel is linked to Revelator's MCN, please note that your channel will be disconnected from Revelator's MCN if you receive a valid copyright strike, meaning a strike which you are not able to get cancelled. Please further note that Revelator has a stringent strike policy and will disconnect your channel after just 1 valid strike — there are no second chances (unless the strike is invalid, or in bad faith, and you can get the strike revoked).

It is therefore important to understand how and why YouTube copyright strikes are received. Here is the process outlined:

  1. One of your videos receives a Content ID copyright claim (this is not yet a copyright strike).
  2. You dispute this claim because you believe that 100% of your video (both the audio content and the video content) are: 
    1. Fully owned by you worldwide
    2. Or the content is in the public domain (free of any copyright)
    3. Or the content falls under fair use
  3. The claimant maintains their claim. YouTube will then notify you that you must either accept their claim, or else that you have 7 days in which to remove the content from your video (or completely remove your video).
  4. You neither accept the claim or remove the content from your video (or completely remove your video). This is what results in a copyright strike. 

Therefore, if you do not wish to receive a valid copyright strike, you should either accept the claim or remove the content (see step #3), or else be sure that at least one of the following is true:

  • You have a license or documented clearance to use the content as it was used in your video
  • You fully own all aspects of any work featured in your video
  • The copyrighted material featured in the video was used in such a way that would strictly meet fair use criteria
  • The work is no longer copyright-protected (is in the public domain)
  • The copyrighted work was incorrectly identified and has not been used in your video. 

If neither of these points apply, you must accept the claim or remove the content (see step #3); otherwise you will receive a valid copyright strike and your channel will be unlinked from Revelator's MCN.

However, if at least 1 point above applies, then you should be able to get the strike removed and you must do so in order to maintain your channel under Revelator's MCN. Here is the procedure for getting your strike removed:

  1. You will need to complete Copyright School. This step is mandatory, and YouTube will require that you complete it before being allowed to contest a strike.
  2. You will need to file a "Counter-Notification" by either emailing the required information to YouTube, or issuing it via the copyright notices page associated with the video in your channel’s Video Manager. 
    1. When filing a Counter-Notification (CN), YouTube will first review your application, making sure your case meets the criteria for eligibility to use this feature, and will then forward your notification to the claimant who took down your video. It is important for you to check your email to confirm that YouTube has accepted your CN. In some cases, they may require that Revelator send the CN and your CN will not be considered valid. So make sure you do not miss this email.
    2. Once your CN is accepted, the claimant will have 10 business days to respond with proof they have initiated legal proceedings against you (if they maintain they do have rights to the content), otherwise the video will be reinstated and the strike retracted. 
    3. For more on Counter-Notifications, review out YouTube’s resources here.