DISCLAIMER: Revelator is not a tax advisor and is not authorized to provide tax advice. Any tax-related information posted on Revelator is not intended nor should be construed as tax, legal, or investment advice. If you have questions about tax-related issues, please consult with a tax professional.

As part of our compliance processes that are being put in place to protect both yourselves and Revelator, we apply tax withholding rules to all payments of US source income to non-US taxpayers. The statutory withholding rate applicable to non-U.S. taxpayers (i.e., individuals, corporations) who receive payments of US source royalties (e.g., earnings from music streams) is 30%. 

However, this rate may be reduced (including to zero) in the case of non-U.S. taxpayers who are residents of a country that has entered into an income tax treaty with the United States. Not all countries have an income tax treaty in effect with the United States. We suggest you confer with your personal tax professional to better understand how this applies to you and how you might be able to reclaim these taxes.

Tax withholding amounts will be fully transparent and will appear on your monthly reports. 

If you registered on Tipalti but did not provide them with your tax forms, we will automatically withhold 30% of the royalties generated by US streams to comply with US tax laws.