Can we access a staging demo of the platform to test it out?

We don't typically give demo accounts because the system requires training, a certain knowledge before using it, as well as data (catalog, reports, contracts/payees). Schedule a demo to see the platform.  

What is the advantage of using Revelator Pro to power your distribution? 

  • All distribution workflows are in one platform - this will save you time & money.

  • By using Revelator Pro, you can create trust & transparency with your end-users. 

    • Revelator Pro provides you with end-to-end visibility of your reported earnings and daily trending in one unified dashboard. 

  • Our software allows you to share only what you want with your team, stakeholders and artists.

Do I need to use an outside aggregator in conjunction with Revelator Pro?

You do not need an outside aggregator. Revelator Pro enables you to connect to the DSPs for delivery with your own deals or you could opt in to use Revelator's deals with the DSPs for distribution. Click here to view the list of DSPs that we currently support.

What information would you need exactly from us for the transfer from our distributor/aggregator?

Revelator requires our customer's catalog to be ingested, whether you are using Revelator Pro to distribute, do reporting, and/or royalties. This can be done in a few different ways: 

  • Your current aggregator can possibly set up a feed to Revelator.

  • Use Revelator's catalog ingestion template.

  • Create a release directly on the platform.

What happens to my chart history/rankings, playlist placement, etc when transferring distribution to Revelator?

When migrating catalogs, the only major DSP that loses some historical data/rankings is iTunes/Apple Music. If the UPC-ISRCs remain the same, the merge should be complete and chart history & popularity should be retained but ratings & reviews will be lost. 

For other DSPs, as long as UPC-ISRCs are all the same (and in the case of Spotify, you also need the track length and version info to be the same); all ‘ranking’ is preserved.

How can I import historical reporting/revenue/statements?

  • Revelator can import old revenue using reports (those that we support or by using our report template). In order to do this, we would need matching catalogs and contracts and then do royalty runs for those. 

  • Revelator can add transactions or an opening payee balance and we would likely need to associate the transactions to payee contracts.

  • Revelator can populate User Statements — and even host the old files. This would require some dev work so we would need to charge for it. This option would only be to host the statements but it wouldn't populate any analytics.

Our current distributor makes our music available on YouTube and has a copyright claim management system, just confirming that you would do this as well in a distributor role?

Yes, we deliver to YouTube Content ID. We don't provide a UI for direct claim management. Our YT staff handles this directly and reaches out to you in the event of an issue with your content.

Does Revelator provide access to unique codes (ie: Apple track ID's, Spotify URI)?

For all DSPs that provide a method to obtain a URI or a weblink, we retrieve those and display them in the Distribution section.

Does Revelator provide a way to setting up pre-orders?


Does Revelator provide a way to setting up pre-saves?

We don't offer this feature to our customers. We are working on a partnership with an outside partner, which would be opt-in and there would likely be a flat fee for unlimited use.

What is the turnaround time of delivery for new releases?

Delivery time to most major DSPs is within a few hours / same day.

Why does it show live on the UI when it is not live yet on YT, Yandex, iMusica and Nuuday and Shazam?  

Live on the UI for the following DSPs YouTube, Yandex, iMusica, Nuuday and Shazam simply means that they have confirmed ingestion.

Why is it live on Shazam before the release date? 

This is just how Shazam works: they don’t respect release dates. But you can’t play the song yet… If you don’t want it to appear at all before the release date, do not send it to Shazam before that date.

Which DSPs do you have an integration to automatically import revenue reports? 

  • Amazon

  • Deezer

  • iTunes/Apple Music

  • Spotify

  • All Merlin reports

Does Revelator support reporting for physical revenue?

We do support physical if the following criteria is met:

  • If the customer uses the same product fields that we display today for a digital release. For example, if it’s a t-shirt you would create a ‘release’ called T-shirt A and have a track for each size.

  • If the customer can make the sales report work using our report ingestion template

  • If the contract terms fit within the existing application's contract terms.

Will the Revelator platform replace our current royalty system? 

Yes, the platform enables you to do your master recording royalties with great ease and automation. I do want to clarify that we currently do not do royalty processing for publishing.

Does Revelator process Mechanical Royalties?

Yes, we process mechanical reporting with our platform in the following ways:

  • Indicate the mechanical amounts due on each payee statement

  • Provide a master mechanical report to you showing all amounts due by each payee (but not the splits of those dues to the writers/publishers) 

Which DSPs does Revelator provide Trends for? 

  • iTunes

  • iTunes Match

  • Apple Music

  • Spotify

  • Deezer

  • Amazon

  • Soundcloud

  • YouTube, UMA and Pandora are next to be integrated.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Our customers work with someone from our Customer Ops team to create their account, provide the ingestion & migration forms, and walk you through the process. 

What is Revelator's protocol in case of technical difficulties with the platform?

We have a support team that works with you. Response time is generally within 24 hours of email.

Do you provide phone support? Live chat?

Support is available via email. Phone support is available upon request when the issue cannot be resolved over email.

Where is Revelator based?

Distribution and Platform Services (reporting, royalties and payments) are managed by our US corporation and software/platform development and R&D are managed by our Israel corporation.

What is PayPal's fee structure when using the integration on Revelator?

Please see PayPal's fees here — note that we use the newer API (left column).

Are you working on partnering with other (international) payment options in the future?

Yes, we are currently exploring different payment gateways.

What's the difference between the Revelator platform and Original Works?

Original Works is the name of the brand under Revelator where we created the OWN protocol that powers the Artist Wallet, Creator Studio and our future web3 products. 

Can you tell us about your strategies for cyber security?

We are fully hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure, benefit from all their integrated security, and furthermore follow best practices for security.