• Revelator Pro's Tipalti integration enables you make payments to the payees you owe money to, directly from your Ready to Pay screen.

    Make sure you (as the Payor) and the Payees you wish to pay, have completed their Tipalti Connectionand Set Tipalti as their Payment Preference in Revelator Pro before attempting to pay with Tipalti.

    Make a Payment:

  • 1. Approve the Statements in your Royalties> Statements screen. 
  • 2. All Payees who you owe money to will show on the Royalties> Ready to Pay screen. 

  • 3. Select the Tipalti Payee you wish to pay.
  • 4. A Review and Pay window will display. 
  • 5. Complete the fields and click Send Payment.

    6. After clicking Send Payment, your Payee will automatically be paid through Tipalti.

    NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for a payment to be completed and display on your Royalties> Transactions page. 

    Congrats! You've completed your first integrated payment with Tipalti to a payee.