• In order to make payments to your payees using Tipalti, make sure you have completed the Tipalti Connection on your Payor Account FIRST. Failure to connect as a Payor to Tipalti before your Payees, may prevent connection for your payees to load correctly, blocking your ability to make payments to them. 

    Once your Tipalti Payor Connection is complete, make sure that your Payees sign up for and Connect to Tipalti using the following instructions, and then set Tipalti as their Payment Preference within Revelator Pro. Only after all of these steps are complete, will you be able to make payments to these Payees, using Tipalti. 

    Connecting a Payee to Tipalti

    1. From the Payee Portal, select Account, then select Payee settings.
    2. Select Tipalti as the payment method in the dropdown list.

    3. Complete the required fields on all pages and remember to press Save at the end.
    4. Completion of Step 4 of the Sign-up wizard is completion of their Tipalti Payee Connection.

    Note: There is currently no way for Payors to know if a Payee has completed their Tipalti Payee Connection. A hotfix is currently planned for this feature. In the meantime, ensure you instruct your Payees to complete all of the steps in this procedure, to prevent possible payment issues.

    After your Payee completes their Tipalti Connection, they must return to the Payee Portal and set Tipalti as their payment choice, as described in Setting Tipalti as the Payment Preference for New and Existing Tipalti users