This workflow explains how to Connect an Existing Tipalti Account and enable the account for making payments to Payees, using Tipalti from within Revelator Pro. 

If you DO NOT have an existing Tipalti account, follow the intructions in Tipalti Payor Connection for NEW Tipalti Accounts to create one and then return to this workflow. 

Note: It usually takes between 1-3 business days to have new Tipalti accounts approved and ready to receive or make payments. 

Payor Tipalti Integration, Part 1:

1. Using the Enterprise icon (top of the the left side menu bar) select Settings
  1. 2. Click on Integrations.
  2. 3. Open the Payment tab.
  3. 4. Press Connect on the Tipalti card.

  4. 5. After you select Connect the Connect to Tipalti page will be displayed.
  5. 6. Click on Authorize Access. (When you select Authorize Access, you'll be routed to the Tipalti Login Screen)

  6. 7. Enter your Tipalti email and click Next.
  7. 8. Enter your Tipalti password and click Next.

    9.   After successfully logging in, the Grant Access screen is displayed.

  8. 10. Read and understand the Permissions you'll be granting Revelator, then check the Allow box and press Confirm.
    11. After confirming, you'll be rerouted back to the Revelator Pro Integrations screen and see an Authorization Successful screen. 

    Congratulations! You've completed the first segment of your Tipalti integration. 

  9. Payor Tipalti Integration, Part 2:

    The following workflow explains how to complete the second segment of the connect to Tipalti process.

    1. Complete Tipalti Payor Integration Part 1 above, only then complete the second half of the connect to Tipalti form as explained below. 

  10. 2. Enter your Tipalti API Key (Your Tipalti API key information is located in your Tipalti Account: Administration> API Integration> API Keys).
  11. 3. Enter your Tipalti Partner Name (Your Tipalti Partner Name is shown on the top right corner of the page of your Tipalti Account.) 

    Note: If this name is not entered correctly, your Payees will not be able to sign up to Tipalti.

    4. When both fields are completed, click Connect

    5. After Connecting, you'll receive a pop-up message that the connection was successful and your Tipalti Payment card will now display Connected.

    Note: After connecting, you can always click View on your Tipalti Payment card to edit or update your API Key and Partner Name.

  12. Congratulations! You've successfully set up your Tipalti account to pay your payees.

    Make sure to complete this step before inviting your Payees to sign up for Tipalti or you will not be able to process their payments.

    To pay your Payees using Tipalti, see the article on Making Payments with Tipalti. To guide Payees through Tipalti sign-up, see the article on Connecting Payees to Tipalti and Setting up Payment Preferences