Revelator was designed to allow for a user to have multiple accounts and be able to switch between them without having to log out and log back in. This currently causes users to be unable to sign up for a new account with an email that is already associated to an existing account. 

If one of your clients is facing this situation, you have 2 options to assist them:

1. Create the account for them
  • Log out and go to your signup page.
  • Signup as them using an email address from your company that is NOT already registered with us
  • Once the account is created, make sure that you are still logged into the child account that you've just created and go to Account Settings. 
  • Add your client's email address as a Team Member with the Administrator role. 
  • This will send them an invitation through your account to inform them that they now have access to their new child account. 
  • You can then also remove the user that you used to create the child account so that your client will not see that user on their account.

2. Ask your client to create their account using a different email address

  • If your client does not have another email address, or does not want to use another email address, then please use option #1 above. An exception to this is if your client is using or outlook.comfor their email address. If that is the case, then they can add +something to their email address to make it appear as a different email address in order to sign up — but all emails will still be sent to their normal email address. Example: