You can now edit a Release that is Processing in the Distribution Queue. Please follow the steps below:

Please do the following from the NEW dashboard:

  1. Go to the release’s Distribution page (Assets > Music > your release > Distribution)
  2. Switch to the Processing tab
  3. Mouse over the header row (Service / Enqueued On / Delivered On) to expose the top checkbox and select all DSPs still in delivery
  4. In the black bar which then appears, select: Options > Takedown (image below)
  5. You can then edit your release as usual
  6. Once you have finished your edits, please redeliver to all DSPs as needed. In most cases you will want to redeliver also to those DSP for which the release was already delivered to before, since you have now changed the release’s metadata.

Note: this action will NOT issue a real takedown; it will only put the release in a takedown state for those DSPs still in processing. If you really do want to do a full takedown, then repeat this process on the Distributed tab