It's possible that your Royalty Run does not show up as Complete (green icon), but rather as "Unallocated Revenue" (yellow "X" icon). This means that some transactions in your Revenue Reports could not be allocated. The most common cause for this is that there are transactions in your Revenue Reports for Assets that are NOT associated to any existing Contract.

1) Identifying the Errors

  • Download and review all the Contract issues from all the Runs and fix any that need to be fixed

    • A single release/track can have a large amount of unallocated transactions, but all transactions can be fixed by addressing the error

    • We suggest you use a UNIQUE formula to get the unique UPCs/ISCRs that need to be addressed

  • After you've corrected the Errors (Adding missing Contracts, etc) then unapprove all approved Statements from the Runs in order that they can be deleted

    • the Approved tab includes an option to batch unapprove Statements 

  • then delete all (unapproved) Statements from the Runs

    • the Not approved tab includes an option to batch delete Statements

  • if you have recorded any Payments for these Statements and it's important to show the proper starting and closing balances, then please either (a) add a reversal Transaction for those payments or (b) provide us a list of Transactions to delete for you

  • then notify us to reset the Runs