A payee might look at the assets in their Payee Portal and wonder why they don't see a release displayed, even if they were a featured artist on the track. Let's demystify which assets display in the Payee Portal.

It's actually based on rights, so you'll see this reflected in the Contracts section. If the contract is a release-level contract, the release will display in the Payee Portal. If the contract is at the track level, then only the track displays in the Payee Portal. 

In other words, if a Payee is a rights holder on the release, the release displays in the portals' assets under the releases tab. But if they're a rights holder on the track only, then only the track displays. 

Still, the payee can always see the releases that a track is on. To do so, under the Tracks tab, look for the "Appears on" column and click to see the releases: