Royalty Run & Statements Guide

This is a guide to help you understand how to run your Approved Revenue Reports in a Royalty Run, to generate Statements for your Payees.

IMPORTANT: Pre-requisites

  1. From the menu on the left select Revenue

    1. Reconcile your latest Revenue Reports against money received. 

    2. Before you approve your Revenue Reports, add any adjustments needed (such as the Merlin fee) and any exchange rates needed.

    3. On the right hand side you will see a button where you can approve the Revenue Reports. See the screenshot below

  2. Ensure that all your Contracts are created and active. You can create additional contracts from Rights > Contracts.

Creating a Royalty Run

This will create Statements to distribute the revenue from the Approved Revenue Reports among all of your Payees according to their Contracts.

  1. Before you begin the process of creating a Royalty Run:

    1. Be sure that all your payees payments have been entered so that your payees balances are all up-to-date.

    2. Be sure that all of your payees contracts are up to date and that all new contracts since the previous Royalty Run have been created.

  1. Go to Royalties > Royalty Runs

  2. Click on the button on the upper right hand corner and create a new RoyaltyRun:


  3. Section 1 of 2 “Name the Royalty Run” 

    1. Enter the year and the month for the Run. For example if you are generating your August statements enter 2022 and the month August.

    2. Name the statement. For example “Your Company Name Monthly Statement” This is the title your payees will see on their statements. Note that if you're using the new dashboard and you want the year and month to appear in your statement name, then you must include those in the Statement Name field. Unlike the old dashboard, the new one will not automatically add the statement date to your statement name. 

    3. The third item is optional:  Royalty Run Notes.  These are notes only you will see. 


  1. Section 2 of 2 “Select the unprocessed reports”

    1. Select from the list the Revenue Reports you want to include when generating the statements.

  2. Preview the run 

    1. Verify that all the revenue reports that should be included in the run have been selected.

    2. If the preview is correct then you can create the Royalty Run

  3. You will receive an email notification once the statements have been generated.

  4. You then must approve the statements for your payees to be able to see the statement in their dashboard.

Approving Statements

The generated Royalty Statements will not be visible to your Payees in their Portals until you Approve them.

  • You can Approve and Email all Statements in batch by going to Royalties > Royalty Runs > click on Royalty Run > Approve all statements/Email all statements


You can also Approve and Email your Statements individually by going to Royalties > Statements > click on your Statement > Approve/Copy statement link/Email