Header: Presenting the key metrics in the page context, benchmarked against the previous period, depending on the selected time frame (i.e., if the "last 30 days" time frame is selected, the data across the last 30 days is benchmarked against previous 30 days).

Filter box: Surfacing a selection of UI-based filters and slicers allows you to quickly navigate to a relevant subset of data. These filters can be continuously added by cntrl / cmd + clicking any element of the filter box or the dashboard itself. 

The slicer elements of the filter box, like "search for: Artist/Release/Track" slicers, are synced between tabs. The visual treemap filters like "Top 10 Artists" or "Top 10 Latest Releases" will only apply to the current tab.

Tooltips: Most pie charts and maps also include on-hover tooltips to allow you to quickly drill down into a specific set of data in an intuitive and visual way.

Conditional Formatting: Most normalized metrics like Skip rates, Sub30 rates, or Completion rates are formatted against the average for the selection on any given table, allowing you to quickly benchmark streaming engagement across different dimensions and sources of streams.

Reporting Speed: Normally, all the major DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, etc.) report the latest data to Revelator within the first 24 hours, though on rare occasions the reporting can be delayed by specific DSPs for reasons beyond Revelator’s control. Additionally, if the consumption reports from specific DSPs go through an intermediary (e.g. Merlin) first, the reporting is typically delayed by 1 or 2 days. 

Once the data is ingested by Revelator, it takes us another 24 hours to process and organise the data before it becomes available on DataPro. To sum up, you can expect data ingested directly from major DSPs to become available in your dashboard in 2 days (from the moment of the stream), while indirectly reported data can take up to 4 days to appear in the dashboard. Beyond that, abnormal DSP-specific delays are also possible — but extremely rare.