Metrics glossary:

  1. Streams: count of all streams, excluding streams under 30 seconds on Deezer & Spotify

  2. Sub30 Streams: non-payable streams with a playtime under 30 seconds, reported by Deezer & Spotify

  3. Sub30 rate: a share of sub30 streams in all streams reported by Deezer & Spotify.

  4. Complete streams: streams with a playtime equal to or longer than the track's duration. Reported by selected DSPs (Spotify, Amazon, VK)

  5. Playtime percentage: engagement profile generated based on playtime data reported by selected DSPs (Spotify, Amazon, VK). Split into 4 categories: 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75-100+% of the track played.

  6. Completion Rate: share of completed streams in all streams reported by DSPs that report playtime (Spotify, Amazon, VK)

  7. Skip: a stream interrupted by the listener by pressing the forward button, navigating to another asset, etc. A stream skipped at the first second and a stream skipped at the last second are treated equally.

  8. Skip rate: a share of skipped streams against all streams (including sub30)

  9. Listeners: due to how DSPs report user data, we cannot be sure of listener counts when aggregating across a time range: i.e., a user returning the next day might be assigned a different user ID and thus be counted twice. To work around this issue, we opted to calculate daily listeners snapshots for each asset in the dashboard. Alternatively, stream-based audience insights are also accessible through the dashboard, allowing for full granularity. However, stream-based audience insights will tend to skew towards more engaged parts of your audience (as a single, active user can generate multiple streams and thus be counted multiple times when generating stream-based audience profiles)

Age Groups: since various DSPs report age groups differently, the age groups in dataPro are aggregated into the following bands: 13-17; 18-24; 23-34; 35-44; 45-49; 55+. Complete age group granularity can be accessed by drilling down on these categories.