1. Revenue: Total amount or revenue generated in your preferred currency

  1. Streams/Sales: A total number of payable events, including streams, downloads & other sales

  2. RPS: Average revenue per payable event under current filters

  3. DSP: Digital Service Provider, a reporting source providing revenue data, i.e. Amazon

  4. Storefront: a specific, customer-facing solution in the DSPs ecosystem, i.e. Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music.

Last Period vs. Previous Year: Revenue comparison tables allow you to quickly assess the movements of revenue across two different time periods. “Last Period” is calculated based on your current timeframe selection, i.e. if Q1 2022 is selected, last period would stand for Q4 2021. “Previous Year” timeframe, on the other hand, is designed to account for seasonality of consumption, providing a benchmark against the same period last year, i.e. if Q1 2022 is selected, Previous Year would stand for Q1 2021.