Please submit all Editorial pitch forms 4 weeks out to 

1. Apple/iTunes

Please fill out the Apple/iTunes pitch form, and note these guidelines for filling it out.
  • Description should only include:
  • Exact off cycle release timing (ie: Monday, March 16 at 9am PST WW) *this should be the first thing listed
  • If a song entry: is it an addt’l Instant Grat (IG) in a rollout campaign? If so, what is the IG rollout?
  • If you are pitching a new IG on an album pre-add, the description for the album level entry must have the details of the IG track. Ex: "New IG on Pre-Add - track title .” You still need the IG level SONG pitch separately.
  • Is it a focus single or no?
  • Please note any additional genres you would like your track to be considered for (we don’t need sub-genres, just the genres we have editorial pages for (alternative, americana, electronic, dance, etc)
  • Additional information:
    • If you are pitching a stand-alone single or pre-add launch, information about upcoming release timeline can be helpful so we know where this release fits in the overall campaign. Ex: is this a one-off single? Will a pre-add be following on a particular date? If you are pitching a pre-add, what is the album date?
    • **Please Note** An artist bio is not necessary. Please do not provide.
  • Soundtracks
    • We MUST have cleared for streaming status clearly laid out as first item in hitlist description or the title will not receive promotion. Info must be detailed as follows:
      • CLEARED - notes that all tracks will be available for streaming
      • PARTIALLY CLEARED (## out of ## tracks cleared for streaming) - signals that only some tracks cleared for streaming, ex: 15/20 tracks cleared for streaming
      • *Please Note** Not providing clearance information will result in pitches not being considered for any level of support until provided
  • Genre:
    • Only use options exactly as they appear in drop down menu. Reformatting the genres will cause errors and your titles may be overlooked.
    • If you would like your title considered for additional genres, please list them out in the description field Ex: "Please also consider for alternative and electronic"
  • Marketing Drivers:
    • Only include the following:
      • Marketing plan with dedicated budgets and details
      • Has the artist committed to a time-synced lyrics post

2. Amazon

3. All other DSPs