Please note that this article refers to changing an artist's name (for example, renaming an artist from The Quarrymen to The Beatles). 

This article is not about changing the artist on a particular release/album or track. You can make this latter change simply by editing your release/track and redelivering the release to the various DSPs.

To change an artist's name on Spotify:

  1. The first step depends on whether you are ready to change your artist's name everywhere (all tracks and releases, whether they appear as a primary artist or a collaborator): 
    1. If you are ready to change your artist's name everywhere: then you can simply update their name in Rights Holders > Artists
    2. If you only want to change their name on certain assets: then edit those assets and replace the artist with the newly named artist.
  2. Redeliver your releases to Spotify.
  3. IMPORTANT: email us with the old name, new name and the UPC(s) of the releases you have sent to Spotify as we need to have them make further updates on their end.

To change an artist's name for all DSPs except Spotify:

  1. You or your artist must log in to every DSP's artist portal (Apple Music for Artists, Amazon for Artists, their YouTube, Soundcloud, Audiomack accounts, etc.) and modify their artist name there or, if that is not supported, contact the DSP's support team and request an artist name change. 
  2. Once the DSP has confirmed that the artist name has been changed, update the artist's name in your Revelator dashboard and redeliver their releases to all the DSPs. IMPORTANT: please do not create a new artist; instead update the existing artist's name in Rights Holders > Artists. Note that once you update the name there, this will automatically change the name of the artist on all the releases and tracks on which they appear. You do not need to further edit those releases and tracks. It is important that you follow this procedure if you want to maintain all your historical trends and revenue analytics. 
  3. After 48-72 hours, check on the DSPs whether the name change has registered.
  4. If you still see the old name, please email us with the following information: 
  • The artist's old profile link
  • The artist's new profile link
  • The list of UPCs associated to this artist