YouTube Content-ID (YouTube CID) has set its own requirements and there are some preconditions for being able to use our deal for YouTube CID. They are non-negotiable rules set by YouTube CID. Furthermore, it jeopardizes our royalty rate when their requirements are not followed. We cannot permit any errors. 

YouTube wants to ensure that YouTube Music has more content and rights in comparison with YouTube CID. As a result of issues in the past, we need to validate your YouTube Music has more content and rights. The Revelator Pro user interface will enforce this behavior so that your users don’t make a mistake. 

Distribution to YouTube CID is blocked until the content is validated. However, if you need to send something to YouTube CID and it has not yet been validated, please send an email to support [at] to hasten the process. 

YouTube's CID requirements:

  • If you distribute to YouTube CID, then you MUST also distribute to YouTube Music at the same time. There can never be a case of a release/asset on YouTube CID without it ALSO being on YouTube Music. 
  • If you request takedowns from  YouTubeCID, you must also request a takedown from YouTube Music
    • Note: it is OK to distribute to YouTube Music and not to YouTube CID.
  • Furthermore, the territorial rights MUST be exactly the same, or, at the very least, YouTube Music must NOT have fewer territories than YouTube CID.

In short: YouTube wants to ensure that YouTube Music NEVER has less content or rights than YouTube CID.