Revelator Pro white-label customizations include:

  • Custom domain name
  • Site name (appearing at the top of a user’s browser)
  • Logo replacement across the app
  • Themes: colors and font
  • Signup page text
  • Login page text
  • FAQ page URL or file
  • Help page URL or file
  • Custom page URL link from Menu
  • Distribution Agreement URL or file
  • Terms & Conditions URL or file

Note: All clients can use their own fully branded website to present and sell the service before using the app. See as an example.

Distribution Options

  • Automatically approve releases for distribution or require human validation (certain aspects are automatically verified and validated)
  • Allow distribution of cover songs when the user has license
  • The default language for releases (the release language indicated in the metadata to DSPs — a client in Latin America may prefer all his releases to default to Spanish vs. English
  • Default release price tier
  • Default track price tier


  • Email FROM address
  • Email FROM name
  • All email texts


  • Minimum payment threshold
  • Default contract terms (with the ability to also override on a case-by-case basis)
  • Parent and child account currency (statements can display the net payable in an additional payout currency)
  • Calculate and deduct mechanical royalties
  • Support for external revenue report processing


  • PayPal (for disbursement of royalties to end-users)
  • Google Analytics
  • Intercom chat
  • Stripe payment processing


  • Track users referred by a 3rd party partner
  • Calculate commissions to said 3rd party partner based upon royalty earnings