As already indicated in this Help article (Changes you can and cannot make once your release is distributed), there are certain metadata fields of your release that you cannot modify without doing a full takedown of your release.

Apple is particularly stringent in enforcing the fact that you cannot modify any of the following:

  1. Number of tracks
  2. Track order
  3. ISRC of any track
  4. The release catalog ID
  5. The track catalog ID
  6. (Potentially) Any primary artist: either adding/removing them, or changing their name. Note that you will not be blocked from doing this on your dashboard, but you should keep an eye on the release when you redeliver it to Apple as they may fail it.

Although you may be able to change these fields and not have your update rejected by other DSPs, Apple will reject your update and you will need to do the following to update your release:

  1. Create a new release (one that will get a new UPC) with your changes
  2. Distribute your new release
  3. Wait 6 days and then issue a takedown of your old release on Apple (the 6 day period is so that your release remains live on Apple services at all times since it can take Apple 5 days to inspect your new release).
    Note: for all other DSPs than Apple, you only need to wait 48 hours before issuing the takedown of your old release.

For this reason, you are better off sending the new release to all DSPs. Otherwise you will have 2 releases with different UPCs that are meant to be the same release… And you will likely get confused when sending updates  and wind up with duplicate releases on DSPs other than Apple.