If you see that one of your releases is in distribution error due to a missing Apple/Spotify ID, here is how to fix it most easily:

  1. Go to Rights Holders > Artists > the artist missing an Apple/Spotify profile ID.
  2. Enter their ID(s).
  3. Save your work.
  4. Go to the release's Distribution page (NOT the main Distribution section; it's rather the Distribution tab/section of a specific release when you're viewing that release).
  5. Look at the Error tab and select all DSPs that you wish to update. 
  6. Use the Options menu located at the top (not the one on the DSP row; the one at the top) and select "Update metadata". 
  7. Type "update" and send.

Note: if you cannot find the artist in Rights Holders > Artists please open a support ticket and indicate:

  1. The release ID or UPC
  2. The name of the artist